Project Description



XModuleC is 4XP‘s solution for managing a single column with two different operating heights, ideal for parking lots or parking areas that allow access to both cars and trucks.

This parking column combines an elegant Made in Italy style and innovative technical features to offer the maximum customer experience. The end-user interaction area is modular from a series of modules that can be configured and customized according to the parking manager’s requirements.

Each module is designed to illuminate as interaction with the component itself takes place, directing the user in its use and making the experience particularly simple.

The module structure also makes it possible to verify and/or replace each individual device with ease, reducing intervention time and without the need for dedicated instrumentation.

The ability to orient the column up to 12° facilitates interaction with the driver, bringing him or her closer to the devices and including configuration for right-hand drive.

Each column is equipped with two 7-inch high-brightness color displays, two QRCode readers, two mifare badge readers, two VOIP intercoms, two roll printers, two NoTouch buttons, and two detectors for managing magnetic car presence loops.

XModuleC and the components within it are born as IoT devices and, combined with the XCloud system, enable real-time monitoring and predictive maintenance that minimizes downtime due to malfunctions.

Also on XModuleC, it is possible to take advantage of dual-sided technology that allows user panels and related devices to be installed on both sides facing the roadways, giving the valet a great deal of flexibility and significant savings in investment and footprint.

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